Every now and then, IRREVERENT has the dubious distinction of being recognized for its general irreverence and overall humorousness.  All this does, frankly, is encourage us and you guys should really knock it the hell off.


Most recently, in fact today, I found out that we've been designated a smart ass by people who should know all about smartasses.  Actually this information was sent to me by Tyrone, who has, apparently a lot of time on his hands since he severely cut back on his humorous writing duties for IRREVERENT.  He has so much time that he prowls around websites, presumably at random, looking for IRREVERENT mentions.  I'm certainly not going to criticize him for that.  I'll criticize him instead for shirking his duties as humor producer in order to do that, but I digress.

Take THAT Onion! We were nominated in a conspicuously suspicious manner (thank you, Sara) and were voted in "6 to 1," which in and of itself is irritating.  It's irritating because the top nominee, the Australian based Toxic Custard, a good site mind you, was voted in "11 to 0."  So what's with our pathetic "6 to 1"?  I feel slighted and ashamed.  I need a hug.  And a shower, obviously.

Ho ho ho, I kid.  I kid 'cause I love.  The silver lining here, of course, is that those bastards at The Onion haven't accepted their award yet, so we beat them.  Take THAT guys!