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  • Nude and Nuder

    Yesterday a jury awarded Erin Andrews $55 million because someone took nude pictures of her and this morning Kim Kardashian gave it away for free. Read More +
  • Republicans to Form New 'No-Trumps' Party

    "We are proud to create a safe place for conservatives away from screaming madmen," read the announcement by former Republican leaders. Read More +
  • Scientists Report 78.6% of Research Depressing

    “It is a sad fact, literally, that so much of our hard work winds up telling a horrifically depressing, yet highly accurate tale." Read More +
  • DiCaprio Dedicates Award to “Lions, Tigers and Bears”

    "I want to raise awareness," the actor said. Read More +
  • Astronaut Scott Kelly Bails from Earth

    "You're all f****** nuts," tweeted Kelly shortly after launch. Read More +
  • Super Tuesday Showdown!

    "I don't give a damn what any of those idiots think of me," Trump screamed at supporters. Read More +
  • Scientists Prove Germans Giving Speeches Still Sound A Little Like Hitler

    Although unsure why, today scientists proved that "Germans who speak publically all still sound a little like Hitler." Read More +
  • Pitching History, One Show At A Time

    An ambitious television writer pitches a newly established History channel executive on some innovative programming that has nothing to do with history. Read More +
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