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  • Daniel Tiger Latest Victim of Dr. Walter Palmer

    Death Dentist Palmer is shown here in his latest Facebook update, holding Daniel's lifeless corpse. Read More +
  • Wealthy Philanthropist Claims $290 Million Powerball Lottery

    The winnings will be added to Rockefeller's estimated $9.8 billion fortune. Says Rockefeller, "I'll simply... toss it on the pile." Read More +
  • "Cosby Women's House of Hope" Closes Doors

    The women's shelter that Bill Cosby endorsed in early 2014, amid a flurry of positive social media exposure and press coverage, officially closed its doors today. Read More +
  • FBI: Old Time Criminals Much More Dapper Than Today

    "Back in the day, even hardened psychopaths and degenerates bothered to put on a smart fedora or ascot. They really made an effort and it showed in their mugshots." Read More +
  • Pitching History, One Show At A Time

    An ambitious television writer pitches a newly established History channel executive on some innovative programming that has nothing to do with history. Read More +
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  • Merchant Recoups Confederate Flag Losses with Nazi Surge

    NORTH CAROLINA - Local flag merchant Irving Pez of Raleigh today announced that he, like many other retailers has "completely… Read More +

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