SAN FRANCISCO - Today Shaggy and accomplice Scooby-Doo were sentenced to 20 years in Federal Prison on drug charges.

ShaggyThe 60 year old icon had been a long time advocate of marijuana legalization and was a former editor of the underground "Baked" magazine.  Police arrested Shaggy and Scooby two years ago when drug-sniffing dogs flagged their multi-colored van crossing the Mexican border and police uncovered 2.7 metric tons of marijuana inside.  

Although life-partner Scooby-Doo was also sentenced to 20 years, it is widely believed this will crumble on appeal, as there are no specific precedents for canine criminal sentencing. 

Speaking to the judge, Shaggy was calm and courteous and almost always eating a sandwich or other snack food.  At several times he exclaimed, "Wow, man" in the courtroom, and called various things "Groovy" and "Far-out," sometimes a shiny, mechanical pen, sometimes one of the jurors.


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